Moon Cake Slime

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Moon Cake Slime

This bb is one of our Oldie Best Sellers and I brought it back in Upgraded texturefor today's restock. It's More Thick Chewy Silky Bread Dough like Fluffy Slay textured Slime and it comes in 10oz
It's scented like Walnut Red Bean Cake blended scent.
If you like Savory scent, I Highly Recommend it to you.

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* Moon Cake Slime is only for Adults, that contains Borax.
DO NOT PURCHASE if you are allergic to Borax or any other ingredient of slime.
All RodemSlime Products are not edible.

Products may arrive sticky or stiff
* Please read instruction in the package to make the slime perfect for you.

No refund or cancellation once you place the order.

* Contact me, if you have any concerns/questions about the product.

* Our 7oz Containers Holds upto 7.5 fl oz to 8 fl oz if it filled upto the tip of the container. And it's 6 fl oz if it fills upto the bottom of the screw line.