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Emmental Cheese Cake Slime

Rodem's BEST SELLER, Emmental Cheese Cake is BACK!!

As you all know, Emmental Cheese Cake is one of our best seller that many of you loved it.
It comes with Realistic Cheese Cake Clay and 1 cute cheese charm
(Charm will be replaced to different charm-Shown on second picture, since we are out of orginal charm)
It's super fluffy super sizzly super soft poofy butter slime. Also, it inflates super Alot.
It has scented like cheese cookie and it's so delicious scent. If you like cheese, you will love this slime.

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* Emmental Cheese Cake Slime is only for Adults, that contains Borax.
DO NOT PURCHASE if you are allergic to Borax or any other ingredient of slime.
All RodemSlime Products are not edible.

Products may arrive sticky or stiff
* Please read instruction in the package to make the slime perfect for you.

No refund or cancellation once you place the order.

* Contact me, if you have any concerns/questions about the product.

* Our 7oz Containers Holds upto 7.5 fl oz to 8 fl oz if it filled upto the tip of the container. And it's 6 fl oz if it fills upto the bottom of the screw line. 


  • 5
    Smells scarily accurate

    Posted by Rachael on 11th Sep 2023

    The smell of this slime reminds me of those Keebler cheese cracker packets that most American children will probably be familiar with. It is a little off putting to me, but not enough to deter me from playing with it for a good ten minutes. If you like savory slimes, give this one a try. The base slime had a wet, jiggly texture, and the enormous clay cheese was so soft and fluffy. I very much enjoyed squishing it. The end result is a very thick, buttery soft, and inflatable slime that feels very satisfying. Also the cheese charm is adorable. The only downside is that the end result was so large, I couldn’t fit the remaining slime in just one deli container.

  • 5

    Posted by Laura Guaderrama on 19th Jul 2023

    Excellent....the only disappointment was missing the mouse. But the slime was great

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    Posted by Laura Guaderrama on 19th Jul 2023


  • 5
    I Enjoyed This!

    Posted by Veronica on 9th Jun 2023

    Great slime. You get a lot of slime out of this even before you inflate it theres so much. I love the scent - to me it kinda smells like cheddar cheese with a hint of those Ritz crackers and it is really good. I love cheese. The clay piece was super soft and as big as my hand and fun to mix, and the base was barely melted at all despite coming from USA to me in Australia. Very good slimes and definitely worth it even with expensive shipping costs the slime is so good it is worth it!

  • 5
    Sooo fun!!

    Posted by Chloe Sandoval on 20th Mar 2023

    This slime was literally perfect. The clay piece was the softest clay I've ever felt and it mixed into the slime so easily. After it was all mixed it was a beautiful yellow color and it was SO soft. It also inflated a TON. I loved this slime so much and I think everyone should buy it. <3

  • 5
    good but

    Posted by kristen on 12th Nov 2022

    i’m still gonna give it 5 stars bc the texture is honestly perfection but sadly i could not get over the scent :/ it’s super savory and just smells like straight up cheese to me and it made me very nauseous, i had to throw the slime away. just a warning to anyone who doesn’t like savory scents, this one is def very savory. i’ve always loved every other slime i’ve gotten from this shop tho! and this one was really soft and creamy and inflating and beautiful! i just couldn’t handle the scent :( still recommend it if you like savory scents tho!

  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by Steph K. on 11th Jun 2022

    I really, really love this slime. It smells just like cheese crackers, and the texture after mixing in the huge clay cheese wheel is divine. It's sooooo soft, and there's so much! Make sure you have more containers so store it in! I was a little disappointed I ended up with a different mouse charm than what was advertised, but other than that this didn't disappoint!

  • 4
    Can't believe the softness

    Posted by Tracy on 2nd Jun 2022

    It is a very savory scent and does smell like cheese. I like how soft it is and it's VERY inflatable. I don't mind this one at all especially after I get done playing with a bead slime or by itself. Very good

  • 5
    Very inflating!

    Posted by Shannon on 30th Mar 2022

    The clay cheese was very soft and easy to mix in. The base of the slime was jiggly and glossy and it was fun to play by itself. This was the first savory scented slime I've ever bought and I didn't mind it. The smell is like a sweet cheese cracker. The scent was more on the stronger side but this is how I prefer my scents. This slime inflates A TON! I store the overflow in 2 extra containers. It grows to more than double the size once fully inflated! The end result is very soft, jiggly, and sizzly.